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The evergreen destination of Goa is a holidaymaker's paradise. Breathtakingly beautiful blue beaches, sensuous silvery sands, fabulous flora and fauna, rich cultural heritage, captivating churches, and terrific temples, Goa has it all. The feasts and festivals of Goa are the other things not to be missed. The Indian state of Goa beckons you for the time of your life. Experience a wonderful journey while enjoying a pleasant stay at Goa Hotels, Goa Beaches and Goa Resort So, get going to Goa that is on a holiday - twelve months in a year!
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  Goa has rich and varied wildlife destinations. The rugged Western Ghats is a haven for many different species of birds and animals. The Western Ghats also known as the Sahyadris extend for a total of 600kms.Goa and the neighboring Karnataka account for the widest belt of forests along the Sahyadris.

The Coastal areas provide the tropical backdrop. Goa Wildlife sanctuaries are a haven for herds of deer and gaurs (Indian bison), Malayan giant squirrels, clusters of monkeys, slithering cobras and pythons. You may be lucky enough to spot a few black panthers on look out for preys.

Tigers and elephants are also common sights. Nature lovers, bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts find vibrant avenues in the Konkan belt to enjoy the varied wildlife.Wild Life Santuaries in Goa gives you detailed information related to the Wildlife in Goa. Log on to Goa India Travel to enjoy the wildlife sanctuaries of Goa.

Wild Life Sanctuaries
Goa is gifted with over 1512 documented species of plants, over 275 kinds of birds, over 48 varieties of animals and over 60 genera of reptiles. Few of the tourists know that one third of Goa is covered with rich forest and that it is one of the greatest reservoirs of biodiversity in the world.

Salim Ali Bird Sanctaury
On the western tip to the island of Chorao along River Mandovi, mangrove swamps cover this bird-watchers' paradise aptly named after India's best-known ornithologist.

Open throughout the year, the sanctuary can be visited with the permission of the Chief Wild Life Warden, Forest Department, Junta House, Panaji. Apart from a rich variety of coastal birds, one may spot flying foxes, jackals and crocodiles.

Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary In Molem, Goa
It is one of the best Wildlife in Goa, located at the foothills of the Western Ghats, near the Molem village, Bhagwan Mahavir Santuary, Goa lies on the eastern border of the state. If you are a wildlife enthusiast a few days in the Tourists Complex run by the Goa Tourism Development Corporation is a must.

Staying here you could come across some of the rare species of birds and stealthy panthers on the prowl. But the most dangerous of the animals are the doles, the wild dogs, than any other carnivore

Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, Goa
The Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, Goa is located 10 km southeast of Chaudi. It was established in 1969 to protect a vulnerable area of the forest in the Goa-Karnataka border.

The 25 m high treetop watchtower overlooks a waterhole that attracts animals around dawn and dusk. It is an exciting experience to watch them from the tower. An overnight stay for the wildlife enthusiasts will be an experience worth remembering but prior written permission for an overnight stay; either in the watchtower or the forest department's small rest house must be obtained from the Deputy Conservator of Forests.

Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, Goa
Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, Goa is located in the lush upland foothills of the Western Ghats. Its sprawling deer park and the mini zoos are major attractions for the tourists and the locals. Originally established for the stray animals, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, Goa, is now a breeding colony for large species of deer.
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